Thursday, August 24, 2017

Adapting & Staying Connected

In general, I tend to be a person that doesn't really like a lot of extra stuff.  I don't care for clutter, and I like to keep organized.  That's why I am not likely to recommend "stuff" simply for the sake of "stuff."  When it comes to travel everyone and their brother wants to recommend that you buy their gizmo or gadget.  While some items are worthwhile, others are not.

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About a decade and a half ago, I traveled internationally for the first time.  My best friend was studying abroad for a year as a part of her English/French Teaching (Dual) Degree Program.  I remember at the time, the idea of going three weeks without my curling iron seemed like an absolute nightmare.  I nervously didn't even bother to pack it because I knew the outlets in Europe would be different, and I couldn't use it anyway.  I spent three weeks braiding my bangs back into the rest of my hair to keep it out of my face.  I had never gone bangless before, and recall being a little freaked out about the whole ordeal.  I can't help but laugh at my vanity now, because the truth of the matter is that as a direct result of that trip, I have never gone back to wearing bangs. So, I guess we can just chalk that experience up to personal growth.

Today, things are a little different.  While, I no longer use a curling iron, there are some things that I do use.  Over fifteen years ago, I didn't use a laptop, a cell phone, or a tablet, and while I like to unplug a lot on vacation, today, I do want to use some of those items while traveling.  One item that makes life on the road a lot easier is a Universal Adapter.

I picked up a Universal Adapter for about $12 on Amazon.  It is very small, and takes up virtually no space in a suitcase, which is where I store it after a trip. This adapter can be plugged into a US, UK, European, or Australian style wall socket.  Then you can plug your electronic item into the adapter via its own plug.  There are also two USB ports that you can plug into.  This adapter works in more than 150 countries, and has made things much simpler for my in my travels.  So, if you have plans for international travel, I highly recommend adding this to your travel accessory collection.

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