Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Stockholm Pass

Stockholm, Sweden, "The Venice of the North," a city that has captured my heart.  I most highly recommend this gem of a city to anyone looking for a European getaway.  We elected to spend a week in Sweden, the majority of which was in Stockholm.  The one thing about Stockholm, as with most Scandinavian cities, is that it's pretty expensive.  There are, however, ways to reduce your costs.  One of which is to purchase the Stockholm Pass. 

You can purchase the Stockholm Pass online, or at any number of outlets once you're in Stockholm (hotels, retail locations, etc.).  You can buy a Stockholm Pass for 24, 48, or 72 hours.  The folks at the visitor's center gave us two complimentary 48 Hour Stockholm Passes to review and write about.  If I had purchased this, it would have cost SEK 795.00, which is equal to about $95 (USD).    The Stockholm Pass allows you entrance into over 60 attractions.  This includes Sightseeing tours, museums, palaces, monuments,  as well as, hop-on-hop-off buses and boats. 

As if this isn't already a huge money saver, a 48 hour Stockholm Pass is actually good for 48 hours from the time you first use it!  We first used our pass at 11:00 AM and used it all that day, and the following day.  That third day when we woke up, we went to the place that gives you tickets for boat tours, and got in line.  By 9:00 AM, we had our tickets for a 1:00 boat tour called "Under the Bridges of Stockholm" that would take about 2 hours.  We still had time on the pass, so we grabbed a hop-on-hop-off boat across the water to the Nordic Museum.  By the time we left the Nordic Museum, our Stockholm Pass was expired so we had to take public transit back to catch our boat tour.  Since we had already been issued a ticket to the boat tour, it didn't matter that our pass had expired.  

In the United States, we typically get passes for things, and they are good for a certain number of days, but those "days" expire at midnight, or the end of the business day.  The Stockholm Pass is actually good for the number of hours that you purchased.  Because of this fact, I was able to get three days of activities out of a 48 hour pass.  Now THAT'S what I call a great deal!

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