Thursday, December 14, 2017

Icebar Stockholm

After dancing ourselves silly at the ABBA Museum, we headed across the water for an inexpensive lunch, while waiting for our appointment at Icebar Stockholm (also called Absolute Icebar).  We popped into a fast food place because we were hungry and limited on time.  MAX is a fast food restaurant in Sweden.  If you keep it simple and stick to a small burger, fries, and soda (also small),  you could easily get lunch for two for $10-15 (USD).   I am a bit more experimental with food while traveling, but those who know me know that I regularly consume a plant-based diet. That's why I was excited to learn that while a bit spendier, it is also possible to get Gluten Free and Vegan/Vegetarian options at MAX.  I rarely eat fast food, but I must admit to being a fan of MAX.  I also rarely consume sodas, but there, the soda is actually made with real sugar (GASP!)!  Anyhow, I am detracting from my original point.  We found MAX  primarily because it was about a block from the hotel that houses the Icebar.

We were a bit early to our appointment (you can walk-in, but run the risk of being declined if they're booked up), and looked about the gift shop.  I was amused to see that you can purchase the mold used to make a glass out of ice.  I didn't buy one due to my lack of desire to carry it around, and overall mission to declutter.  Once the majority of those sharing our appointment time had gathered, s staff member came over to offer a few instructions, and assist us in putting on our special garb.  They give you a special cape and mittens intended to keep you comfortable while inside the Icebar.

An appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes and begins with a short ice lined hallway up to a bar, where each attendee gets one drink with admission.  Like the old saying goes "When in Sweden, do as the Swedes do..."  So, I ordered a drink called "River to River."  It was made of Absolute Vodka, Lingonberries, and Lingonberry Juice.  It was deliciously tart in the way that a Granny Smith Apple might taste.  I had preordered a second drink (to be served in my original glass).  For that one, I chose "2098." I accidentally chose the correct order because this one was much sweeter.  This flavor was caramel apple with vodka.  The atmosphere was quaint with little cafe table constructed of ice blocks, a throne and face-sized holes in the walls to create the perfect photo opt.

The experience was phenomenal, and I'd like to say I would have stayed there all day, but by the end of my 45 minutes, I was cold enough to depart....until next time.

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