Monday, June 25, 2018

Stockholm Food Favorites

We might be best classified as "casual foodies" if there is such a thing, and that being said, I wanted to give you my list of favorite food and beverage experiences in Stockholm.  This list runs the gamut including everything from street food and coffee shops to trendy and classy establishments because as a traveler, I like to experience a wide variety on my travels.  Another point of honesty here, in my home life, I prefer a Vegan diet and will point out which places provide easy options for those with dietary restrictions.  That being said, I like to try new things when I travel, so not all places on my list are geared toward those with Vegetarian tendencies.

1.  Boulebar (Splurges; Good for Veg/GF/Meat)

If I had 24 hours in Stockholm, you'd find me at Boulebar.  This outdoor restaurant embodies everything that is beautiful about Swedish culture.  When the weather is nice you will find the Swedish outdoors, enjoying the day.  Boulebar provides a sophisticated and trendy albeit rustic parkside environment.  Edison light bulbs and greenery line the beams above the heads of folks gathering at long, wooden, communal tables.  Those preferring a more private experience will find the taller, wooden two-top tables more to their liking.  Boulebar has taken everyone into consideration offering options for those with gluten-free or vegan dietary restrictions, and meat-eaters alike.  "Veg," "Meat," and "Shrimp" are all clearly labeled on their menus, vegans and those with gluten-free restrictions will need to investigate a bit further for clarifications, though Boulebar falls into my "splurges" category, but is well worth the expenditure!
the menu seems very obviously accommodating.  This is the absolute perfect place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

2.  Morelli (Savers; Good for Veg/GF/Meat)

This is a Gelateria and Espresso Bar is just off Fridhamsplan and is owned and operated by an Italian man that relocated to Stockholm.  We stopped in every morning to pick up a coffee to go, and by day number two, the owner knew our names and our order.  The gelato is made fresh by the owner who's so honest that he'll even tell you if there's a flavor that he wasn't pleased with when it came out.  There are a variety of flavors that are subject to change so you'll have to ask which ones are dairy free if you're vegan.  One day, I noticed that there were little leather bracelets with designs etched into them on the counter.  When I inquired about them, I learned that they were made by an artisan from his village in Italy.  They were the sort of thing I actually like to wear, so I picked them up as an inexpensive and practical souvenir.

3.  Hot Dog Cart (Savers; Good for Meat-Eaters)

This one is a budget saver that is mostly just for the meat-eaters.  Since I am more willing to experiment on vacations, I tried it when we were really hungry and didn't want to take time to sit down and eat somewhere.  This was a serious leap of faith on my part because with all do respect, I consider hot dogs to be pretty much the bottom of the barrel of carnivorous fare.  Well, perhaps it still is, but only in America because Stockholm, you changed my mind.  The hot dog carts in Stockholm are pretty much gourmet by American standards.  There are frequently up to five different varieties, made with high-quality meat (no strange animal parts).  They are also made from a variety of different types of meat.  While they are presented like hot dogs, perhaps it is more fair to consider them sausages.  If you are looking to cut some time and money corners, I highly recommend you try them at least once for lunch.

4.  Max (Savers; Good for Veg/GF/Meat)

For anyone lucky enough to have lived in or visited the Pacific NW, Max is sort of like the Burgerville of Sweden.  It also caters to dietary restrictions with very clearly labeled options for those preferring vegan or GF options (although they're slightly spendier).  It's a fast food joint, with high-quality standards.

5.  Espresso House (Savers; Good for Veg/GF/Meat)

If you need a break in the day, snack, or even lunch there is bound to be an Espresso House nearby.  They have nice, strong coffee, and a variety of tasty healthy food choices.  Additionally, once you know the wifi password, you can set your phone up to connect to the wifi whenever you are in range to another Espresso House.  That helped us retrieve directions using Google maps multiple times.

6.  Stockholm Fisk (Splurges; Good for GF/Meat)

Vegans, you might be able to find something, but I'm sure this won't be your first choice.  That being said, if there are any Pesca-tarians out there, this is a definite must-try!  Stockholm Fisk is an elegant environment, perfect for that date night you hope to have with your partner or the one meal you ask your family to "dress" for, although I don't want to give you the wrong impression.  While I wouldn't wear jeans and a t-shirt there if you spent your day out in khaki's or a sundress you'd likely be fine.  The seafood variety is impeccable, and I dare say that this is the one restaurant whose bread basket I won't refuse!

7.  Hermitage (Savers; Good for Veg./GF)

This vegetarian restaurant is located in Gamla Stan and quite reminds me of a cafe I used to go to in Portland, Oregon.  It has a tiny, quaint coffee-shop feel, and a vegetarian buffet.  The price was reasonable (about $17 for dinner, less for lunch), and we could elect for a second helping if we so chose.  Occasionally, when traveling, I feel as though there are not enough whole foods in my diet, so a cafe like this one is a pleasant refueling.  I could see myself developing quite an addiction for their slightly spiced fresh bread, rosemary potatoes, and lentil soup.

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