Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hotel Booking in Reykjavik, Iceland

This morning, I decided to book a hotel for our upcoming trip to Reykjavik, Iceland.  Well actually this is a 2-in-1 trip.  We are going to Stockholm, Sweden first for seven days, then following it up with a stopover in Iceland for three days.  I wouldn't suggest that either of these locations is exactly a "cheap" place to visit, but, Reykjavik seems to be more expensive on the hotel front.

So, I haven't dealt with Stockholm hotels yet, I decided to start with Reykjavik since it would cost me more.  That way, I can know where I am sitting in hotel fees after booking the more expensive location; it might influence the way I go when booking my hotel stay at the less expensive location.  You know, I might want to offset some of the expensive of one place, by staying in a lower cost accommodation in the other.

I always choose "city center" under the advanced search option because it usually places me in close proximity public transportation and many local attractions.  It also makes renting a car seem less necessary.  After I did this, I narrowed it down to two Reykjavik hotels in city center.

On the surface, they appeared to be $3 difference (per night).  No big deal right?  Well, upon further investigation, I found that one had "breakfast included," and the other had "breakfast available."  These things are definitely not the same...at all...  Because I am the kind of person that can surround myself with beverages, my partner and I can easily spend $30 just going out to breakfast locally. Scandinavian countries can be a little expensive on the food front, so I am sure it could be more in Reykjavik.  The one with breakfast included was $3 less expensive on the surface, plus I wouldn't have to buy that meal out.  When you multiply that by three days, it becomes easily a $100 difference!  I'd rather spend that $100 on a massage at the Blue Lagoon!

Then, I noticed that the discount code I had seen advertised hadn't actually been applied yet. You certainly want to double check that!  So, I put it in, and received another $100 off!  Essentially, I managed to get about $200 is savings today just by doing a little homework. Not bad for a day's work, right?!

If you are looking for ways to save money on hotels, you might  Search Here for Hotels.com Best Hotel Deals! (Affiliate Link). Hotels.com is one of my sponsors.  This is who I used to research and book this particular trip.  I appreciate that I can either use a discount code to save even more money or collect nights to redeem for a savings later.  Furthermore, I use all of the search features in order to further my savings by making sure I have all of the amenities I need built into my hotel price already.

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