Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hotel Bookings: 5 Ways to Save Money & Add Value

When it comes to booking hotels, what you see isn't always what you get in terms of pricing.  Here are a few quick ways in which I try to save money when booking hotels (contains affiliate/sponsor links).

1.  Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs.

Many sites have programs set up to  allow customers to either collect "nights" or "points," which eventually get cashed in for free or discounted hotel stays.  Our sponsors, Hotels.com runs a program like this.  Search Here for Hotels.com Best Hotel Deals! (Affiliate Link).

2.  Look for Promo Codes

Look to see if there are any promo codes available.  I literally just got a discount because it is National Ice Cream Week (or something like that).  I'm not even kidding.  So, just do a quick  search.  Now, if you are able to use a promo code, check to see whether or not it will still allow you to accumulate under your loyalty program.  You may have to choose one or the other.

3.  "Breakfast Available" vs. "Breakfast Included"

This is easy to over look.  Just because breakfast is available, doesn't mean it's included in your stay.  check the wording.  "Breakfast Included" can help you save a lot of money.  "Breakfast Available" will not.

4.  Free Airport Shuttle

I've noticed that some hotels have an airport shuttle, but they charge you for using it.  Others offer it for free.  If it's free it's clearly going to save you money.  If not, you might need to investigate your options to determine whether or not that's the best value.

5.  Central Location

I constantly look for hotels that are in central locations. While you might spend less per night on hotels a little further away, it's going to cost you in commute time.  Personally, if I am in a city, I avoid car rentals.  I am perfectly happy to either walk or use public transit.  This move saves me money, and gains me both exercise and experience doing what the locals would do.

What other ways have you found to add value or savings to your hotel bookings?

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